Happiness 1: You Control Your Own Happiness

Finish the following statement: “I don’t need to be particularly beautiful or widely popular. I don’t need great power or wealth. I don’t need to be the smartest person in the world, nor… Continue reading

A Story for Tomorrow

Warm Up Choose an Ice Breaker. A good one for this activity would be: Think of three photographs (that you have either actually taken or wish you had a copy of): 1) you… Continue reading

The Scared is scared

Warm Up Choose an Ice Breaker. After your chosen activity, give everyone a piece of paper with two questions. These can either be printed, or participants can jot down the questions as you read them.… Continue reading

Spirituality of Tea

Warm Up Choose an Ice Breaker. After your chosen activity, go around and ask, “What is your favorite hot drink and why?” Tea Time Serve everyone tea. If needed, ask people to bring… Continue reading

Before I Die…

Warm Up Choose an Ice Breaker. After your chosen activity or question, go around the circle and share one thing that is on your “Bucket List,” or one thing you would like to… Continue reading