Before I Die…

Warm Up

Choose an Ice Breaker. After your chosen activity or question, go around the circle and share one thing that is on your “Bucket List,” or one thing you would like to accomplish before you die.


The people around us are truly our greatest asset. They inspire us, encourage us, and love us into becoming the best people we can be. It’s no wonder that so many people see God in other people. Unfortunately we rarely take advantage of the deeper connections between each others; instead, we often keep conversation to, “Hi, how are you?” This video shows how our neighbors can be instrumental in sharing this experience we call life.

Watch the following TED Talk:

What I found to be the most inspiring part is when Candy Chang says that her project was about…

  • Knowing you’re not alone
  • Understanding our neighbors in new and enlightening ways
  • Making space for reflection and contemplation
  • Remembering what really matters most to us as we grow and change

All of those things together is what is what Impact is all about!


On Your Own

Write down 6-10 things you’d like to do before you die.


  • service to others
  • place to live
  • skill to learn
  • travel location
  • educational achievement
  • career goal
  • something that would touch only one other person
  • something that would touch many other people
  • goal for better loving yourself
  • goal for better loving others


  • learn another language
  • live off the grid
  • hold public office
  • fall in love
  • look back and be able to say, “I did my best”
  • be completely myself
  • live humbly
  • hike the Appalachian Trail
  • see all homeless people with homes


Create a space where you can share your ideas together. We put up a large piece of butcher paper at the church and had the Impact group write some ideas; then, we invited other members of the High School Ministry to add to it on Sunday mornings. Is there a space where you can post yours? Candy Chang has a website where you can get the materials to build your own “Before I Die…” wall. If you’re inspired, look into creating something for the wider community!