In the High School Ministry at First Community Church, we consider Impact to be a little oasis in the midst of our busy weeks. High schoolers and leaders gather for one hour (7-8pm on Wednesdays) to do readings, activities, and watch thought-provoking videos. Each week, Impact provides…

  • An opportunity for fun and fellowship
  • A break from homework, jobs, and other burdens
  • A safe space to discuss deeper topics such as faith, service, and growing up
  • A chance to learn what you often cannot inside the classroom
  • A place to build loving, authentic relationships

We have such an amazing and ever-growing group of “Youth Program Alumni.” Why keep Impact to just high school students? We invite you to use this site to either participate in Impact from afar or lead your own group on your college campus. Use this blog to…

  • Gain access to the lesson plans we do with the high schoolers
  • Learn and share words of wisdom (WOW’s) for how to improve upon those lesson plans
  • Use the original lesson plans as inspiration for slightly (or completely) different topics
  • Share your own ideas: how to improve existing lessons, new videos or readings, ideas on how to make Impact the best it can be!

Suffice it to say that we wish all of us could gather on Wednesday evenings! I hope this site can spread the unconditional love of the Impact community to your college campus, or wherever it is your journeys have taken you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch directly by contacting Sarah Kientz at skientz@fcchurch.com. I hope college is going well, and I would love to hear all about it!